Pick one - Marquise Brown, Jaylen Samuels, Devonta Freeman

flex play in Standard league. Thanks all!

I would say in the order you presented them.

Brown has upside, Samuels is more PPR unless the big back is out, Free is also mainly PPR.

If the other back is out in PIT then I would do Samuels

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Thats what I am thinking. If Connor is out, Samuels has some serious upside. Otherwise, Hollwoood may go off this weekend.

Sounds like there is a chance Conner is out, if he is Samuels is the obvious #1. If not I probably go Freeman, Brown, Samuels.

I think the ATL vs NO game will be high scoring and Freeman will catch some passes and fall into the endzone. For me Brown’s lack of guaranteed volume scares me.

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Great point, Freeman may not have much in regards to rushing but he very well may have some pass opportunities in the redzone.

i would like to choose Devonta Freeman !! shareit vidmate

What do you have to work with? Auden Tate would be interesting this week. His size and lack of other options on the Bengals could be a nice security blanket for the roOkie Finley’s first go. If he’s not available, then go with smalls - his Caucasian counter-part ‘Erickson’. If you remove Tate’s first two games of the season, where he wasn’t used often because of the Bengals depth there, he’s actually averaging 64.1 ypg rec. In a full season, this line would be barely pacing for a 1,000 season. RoOkie QB’s often time have nice first showings in the yards department, because defenses won’t know who they’re fixing to lean on.

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Hollywood has underwhelmed. Samuels hasn’t done anything and is really only playable in PPR.?

Freeman is the best play out of these three just looking at numbers. He has a positive matchup and has been decent when he was able to play.

Jaylen Samuels of the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t nearly as productive on a per-touch basis a week ago, but with a full point awarded for receptions, his 13 catches against the Indianapolis Colts saved the day. Still, with James Conner back on the practice field Wednesday, much of the fantasy shine has come off Samuels.