Pick one more keeper

Hello, new to the forum feature. I am in a 12 team, standard scoring, 3 keeper league and have 2 great keepers already ( Juju 16th rd., and Kamara 10th rd.) I need one more. Here are the options:

Sony Michel 5th
Mike Williams 8th
Baker Mayfield 15th

I have been leaning towards Mike Williams all off season, but now I’m second guessing myself and am wondering about keeping Sony. I don’t like the injury risk but… 13 of the top 24 rbs are being kept as of right now including 8 of the top 10 (only Gurley and Bell are back on the board). I am picking third if that makes any difference. I will most likely have a choice between Gurley, Bell, Tyreek, Michael Thomas, or Mike Evans with the first 2 picks taking 2 of those. Hope that all makes sense, thank you!

Any idea to how many spots are going to be used in the first couple rounds on keepers? You’re sitting in a pretty great spot right now. I’d keep Sony with the 5th just based on the fact if he is healthy he is going to get plenty of work and a 5th is still lower than his adp in redraft if my recollection is correct…

Having Juju and Kamara with those really late picks would make it much easier for me to swallow keeping sony with a 5th.

Thanks for the reply. 6 1st rounders are being kept after I pick, and 2 2nd rounders before I pick again. That was kinda my thought process as well.

Sony is the keep for me…not a crazy value but the values change with this many keepers… Sony if he stays healthy will be a top 24 back with and upside of top 12.

I would be keeping Sony myself. It’s not a value at all since he’s going in the 4th in Standard leagues right now. But I’m assuming a ton of RBs are being kept. And starting your team with Sony, Kamara, Juju, & one of the guys you listed being there at 1.03 will give you a solid start.