Pick one out three RB’s

I have Bell as my RB1, who should I start with him? Hunt, Hyde, Jamaal or Perine?

My opponent has Kamara and Drake so I need my RB’s to outscore his

I have Hunt and Perine as well…I’m leaning towards Hunt (hard to trust) over Perine (bad matchup).

I’d probably rank them like this
Hunt (highest ceiling but low floor)
Hyde (mid floor - mid ceiling)
Jaamal (wildcard with Rodgers return)
Perine (low floor, low ceiling)

Yea it’s such a hard decision.

Hunt has just hurt me so much this year that I find it hard to trust him ):

jamaal looks so good and now with Rogers, imagine how good he can be (when TY was healthy he was a top 5 RB)

Perine yea has a hard matchup and I don’t trust cousins

Hyde idkkk he has a really good matchup and has been a solid RB, wondering if this will be the week where he blows up

Yeah, Williams could do really well. It depends on how much they want to protect Rodgers. I picked up Rodgers a few weeks ago when someone got desperate and I’m playing him but I would hesitate to play anyone else on the GB offense this week until I see how all the pieces fit together. Anyone of them could be a homerun, and anyone of them could be a dud.

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