Pick three ! Win and I'm in playoffs

Full ppr

Jamaal Williams
Alex Collins
D Lewis
d Murray

Leaning Williams hogan Lewis. Very hard for me to bench Collins tho even in a bad matchup.

I’d have Murray in there as he is a pass catching back. Collins and Williams won’t be every down. I think jones will get his sharebin Green Bay, possibly goal line stuff too. Same with burkhead over Lewis.

I don’t have the faith in Murray even if he catches 5 passes I feel I might be disappointed unless he scores. I’m worried about jamaal but he looked great last week and packers don’t win without getting the running game going. I think jones and jamaal could both get plenty touches.

Would you go collins demarco or Lewis ?


I think I just gotta go with my gut here right it will be tough to pick each one perfect. Leaning Lewis for safe floor hogan for td upside and ppr floor no gronk

Williams because I am a green bay fan haha. Collins matchup I don’t like demarco I’ve already commited to benching until his week 15/16 matchups