Pick three WR or 2 WR and a RB

guys, who do you play out of these options? Mix of usage issues, injuries and tough matchups. Pick 3 WR or 2 WR and a 1 RB.
Amari Cooper
Cooper Kupp
Adam Thielen
Devin Singletary
James White

I have Dalvin Cook and Melvin Gordon locked in. I also feel like Singletary is approaching locked in territory but let me know what you guys think.

Cooper and Kupp over Thielen for me. Thielen didn’t even practice last week and it makes me think he is further away from playing than expected.

For that third spot it is Singletary over White for me as well. Pitt is a tough match up but you can’t trust a Patriots RB, especially in blowout games like what I think the Cincy match up will be this week.

what if Thielen is good to go? would you start him over Singletary? It’s the Pitt matchup that really scares me

Nope. Even if Thielen is good to go a hamstring injury is so easy to reaggravate that I wouldn’t that risk in a playoff situation when I have Singletary as an option. Honestly, I think I’d even rather play White over Thielen at this point.