Pick Three WR to start

Non-PPR/Standard league: pick 2 receivers to start and one to flex or let me know if Frank Gore is a better flex option. Thanks!

Michael Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper, Alshon Jeffrey, Danny Amendola

Thomas and Crabtree at WR1/2 and then I lean Alshon in the flex.

Watching Philly the past few weeks you can tell that they want to get Alshon going. I have a strong feeling this will be the week.


I currently have my lineup set like this.

Biggest concern is Cooper v Jeffrey because I’m worried that Cooper will stay hot this week.

Thomas & Crabtree are must starts. I would go Alshon in flex. He lead the Eagles in targets last week and his talent should produce given that volume. Cooper travels to Buffalo to play a decent Bills defense, so Oakland is in a tough spot. I also don’t see Cooper getting 19 targets again, feel some of those shift to Crabtree

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agreed with above.

I would recommend trading Cooper after that hot week. I don’t like stacking two WRs from the same team on my team.

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Makes sense to me, thanks everybody!

I don’t like having both Cooper and Crabtree either, but Cooper was on waivers and I had to stash him. Any trade targets you would recommend? Here’s the rest of my team for reference:
QB: Cousins and Watson
RB: Gordon, Fournette, DeMarco Murray, Kamara, And Gore
TE: Graham and Dickson

I like the assets you have for trading. If you package Cousins + DeMarco + Amari I feel you could get a top tier elite player without losing any weekly production