Pick Three!

I’m in an auction keeper league. We start the draft with a $200 budget and can keep up to three players. The catch is, you can only keep someone if they were drafted last season, and if you want to keep them this season you deduct their previous year’s draft price from your $200 budget.

For example if you drafted Zeke for $50 last year and decide to keep him you start the draft with $150.

This strategy has lead certain teams to have values such as Hopkins $2, Chubb $2, McCaffery $27, etc…

I have to pick three guys from:

Mahomes $3
Kenyan Drake $24
TY Hilton $8
Calvin Ridley $20
Corey Davis $14
Lev Bell $42
Ronald Jones $2
K. Hunt $60

I’m leaning Mahomes, Hilton, Bell but I’m hesitant to keep a QB given the “wait on a QB” motto that our league typically adheres to.

Scoring is Standard / 6 point Passing TD

you have to keep mahomes and Hilton for sure. Im iffy on bell tho. I’m not familiar with auction drafts, but I probably wouldn’t keep him because I think spending nearly 1/4th of your budget is too much for bell, but if he would typically go for a higher price, than I would keep him

Mahomes @ 3$ is a no-brainer. Definitely keep him.
T.Y. Hilton @ 8$ is also a gimme since he’s so cheap and even if Luck misses time he’ll still be a viable flex option.

After that it gets dicey. I personally wouldn’t draft lev bell for that much, so he’s off the board for me. No one else screams value. You could either pick RoJo as your 3rd or just keep the two above. Hope this helps!

Prices for top tier RBs have skyrocketed over the last few years. Hunt $60, Zeke $65, Fournette $73, Barkley $80 last year. Because teams have more money to spend given they can keep Hopkins $2, Gurley for $26, Michael Thomas $3, etc…

Bell isn’t my ideal choice for my RB1 but $42 for him is probably a bargain.