Pick top three running backs to start this week

I’m fortunate in a 12team standard league to have Saquon, Kamara, Ingram, Mixon and A Jones. Need three for this week and thinking of rolling with Saquon, Kamara and Ingram. Normally wouldn’t play Ingram but Bengals without AJ Green feels like trap game for Mixon and A Jones has Minnesota. Thoughts?

Green is trending towards playing on Sunday. But I do feel you should get similar results out of Ingram and Mixon.

Saquon and Kamar for sure and then I would go Mixon or Aaron Jones. Don’t overthink the AJ Green thing, mixon and Jones both have more guaranteed volume than Ingram. I would probably go with Mixon of the three.

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I can see mixon doing well, but I couldn’t bench a healthy Jones with how hes been playing. I think AJ possibly being out hurts Mixon where Graham being hurt helps jones.

I would think Jones would be near the bottom this week, just because MN has good run Def. So for me it would be Saquan, Kamara, and Mixon.

Good calls everyone. Mixon and A Jones had good weeks. Went with Mixon and locked in first round bye.