Pick Two For Your Bench

Bilal Powell, Chris Thompson and Matt Brieda?

Brieda and Bilal. They have more upside and less injury concern.

If it’s half or full PPR I like Thompson better than both of those. Thompson and Breida

Its Thompson by a long shot, not even close in any ppr scoring formats.

Then I’d probably rather have Powell than Breida but they’re both darts for me so doesn’t really matter.

Hahahaha! All three possibilities. I think this is about as close as I’m going to get to breaking the space time continuum.

Even in standard I would go Thompson over the other two. Breida looks to be the starter where powell is going to get a smaller portion for the split on that team.

Breida isn’t starting anything. Morris is going to lead that backfield this year. All people are going to get with Breida is much of the same as last year. Disappointing weeks waiting for him to “Break out”