Pick two. full ppr league

Debating on who I should play this week since AB is out. I’m debating between miles sanders, Emmanuel Sanders, and Kirk.

Format is 3 Wr (Boyd, Kenny G, ____)
2 Rb ( Mixon, Barkley)
1 Flex ( _____)

Is Miles a for sure start? Do I start Kirk since their playing the lions and will be down? Or do I play Emmanuel… there’s upside to each but each can both crash as well…

Miles will not get the start today

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If you need to pick 2 of those 3 I’d go Kirk for sure and then Emmanuel.

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That’s nice too know!!!

There are some good Twitter follows/notifications for general updates, but Ian Rapoport is always on top of injury and start info starting late the night before

This one is less black&white on Miles, but he still doesn’t seem like your choice for today