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Pick two RB's


My work league is high scoring, 2 pts per 10 yds rec/rush, 1 ppr. Pick two of these RB’s: D Lewis, Burkhead, D Murray, Perine, Kenyan.

Thank you for your time.


Burkehead & Drake


Burkehead and Perine for me. I like Drake, but he didn’t put up a huge game recently against NE. I like these other 2 matchups better.


Didnt williams get the majority of touches tho?


Oh I didn’t realize he was still questionable


Burkhead and Lewis.

With Gronk inactive, I expect Burkhead to catch a lot of balls and Lewis to run for 90-100 yards


Thanks for the advice. I’m set on Burkhead, the second one is a tough choice.


I like Drake as your 2nd option. Same upside as Lewis but safer floor


Yeah, I agree that Drake probably has a safer floor. The only other factor to take into consideration is if the Pats blow out the Dolphins and Lewis just runs the clock out.