Pick two WRs week 7

Played Sutton and with byes need to start two WRs. Mclaurin, Brandin cooks, Auden tate. Need two. Have mclaurin and cooks now but debating is I should replace mclaurin with tate. Thoughts?

I would do Tate and Cooks, even though i would not start cooks if i had a better Rbs to put on flex. I’m trying to trade him away, he’s done bad this last weeks

these i mean

Yeah my wrs aren’t the best trades dhop to get chubb. Thought josh Gordon would be better this year and cooks only runs streaks anymore, they don’t use him well.

McLaurin and Tate!!!

You think mclaurin can get it done against the niners?

He’s their only really option he’s gonna have to lolol!!!

For me, I’d be deciding between Cooks and Tate. I would go McLaurin for sure & then Cooks for his upside. If you are more of a safe play guy, maybe McLaurin and Tate, but I prefer having upside & believe Cooks is due for a big game.


The match up for Cooks cant get any better. I would 100% play him.