Pick up ARobinson or JBrown for Calvin Ridley

Allen Robinson and John Brown just hit the waiver wire! Which do I pick up while dropping Calvin Ridley?

This week I kind of would rather play Ridley vs TB. Brown vs ARob for this year for me, but is this for starts or stash? If it’s stash I may prefer Ridley when match ups are solid. Brown is the guy otherwise as long as Flacco is starter. Bal fades and Jackson gets PT then that changes.

Give me john brown all day. Give me john brown all day

I wouldn’t mind picking up Allen Robinson as a stash just to see if Mitch Trubisky can build off of his performance against Tampa.

I know it was a super weak defense, but it still takes SOME sort of talent to beat any kind of NFL defense. Maybe this is a sign of things to come for Mitch and that he may become more consistent… in which case they DID sign Allen Robinson to be the number 1 there.

Only thing with ARob, is I think Nagy will play to their strength this year, which is protect Trubinsky and the ball, play D and not lose a game like they did to GB week 1. I think they will take shots against D’s like TB, but how many D’s out there that bad? :wink:

Thank you @Justahermit, @MakeItTotter, @MikeMeUpp! I’ll stand pat for now. I don’t need the stash!

I am confused why you are dropping Ridley instead of trading him while his value is high?