Pick up Chris Thompson or nah?

I just lost hunt and my only other back besides CMC is Michel. Should I pick up Chris Thompson? Someone snaked Ware before I could get him! I’m #1 in my league right now and just barely won this week thanks to mahomes, Cam, and CMC. I need help!

sure? I think Michel is going to be a good fantasy play going forward. He plays 3 favorable matchups in Miami, Pitt and Buffalo.

Only thing bad with Thompson is the running. Pretty much worthless. It’s not like a James White or Yeldon. Thompson is strictly passing and runs short routes. He doesn’t run up the field like say Kamara.

I would get him if you can. Good for 10-15 pts most games but that’s his ceiling. Might be useful in a couple of weeks.

I worry about Michel’s production with Burkehead back.

Im not, Michel was still the first guy in and most importantly, he was still the back on the field at the goal line.If Michel scored on those 2 vultures from James Develin, we are talking very differently about him. With 3 easier matchups in the playoff than the good Vikings defense, I think Michel will put up fantastic numbers, like high end RB2.

True! Should I hang on to hunt in hopes he gets picked up or drop him for Thompson? Just for depth?

NEVER trust any Pats RB. I started White but I know he could have totally busted. All of them should be considered flex. Sony is probably the worse with that knee. He’s not healthy and can go down at any point which he has multiple times.