Pick up Chris Thompson

So I’m in a super weird league. Its half point PPR, 1 point for every 20 receiving yards and 1 point for every 10 rushing yards. Also there are no decimals so 19 yards = 0 points. I don’t like the double handicap on WRs but rules are rules.

Idk the level of experience that people in my league have but we are only allowed to have a 4 person bench so people have been making some pretty strange drops. So far I claimed Devanta Freeman, Leonard Fournette, and Kenny Golladay off of waivers. No typos there. People have actually dropped those guys Alfred Blue, Tyler Boyd and Kenny G wasn’t even drafted. Here is the thing. Someone just dropped Chris Thompson for Greg Olson. I know he’s a little banged up but it’s still Chris Thompson. Should I drop anyone? My roster is pretty stacked as is.

RBs: D. Cook, L. Fournette, D. Freeman, S. Michel
WRs: A. Brown, A. Robinson, R. Woods, K. Golladay, C. Ridley
TE: J. Cook
QB: A. Dalton

Chris Thompson might be a hair better than a couple of those receivers, but you need the receiver depth more than you do the rb, so I would leave it as is.

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