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Pick up Crowell off waivers?


On my bench I have Martin, Mixon, Cohen & Carson. Crowell was just dropped would you drop any of them to make a waiver claim for Crow? .5pt PPR starters are Freeman & Hunt




I would get him


Who would you pick to drop? I’m leaning Mixon…


Yeah I would too but hesitant because I think with the new offensive coordinator he could get more touches


oooh drop carson, crow should kill it this week and for more of the season. They have played tough teams all season and they have never been up. but the seahawks are a dumpster fire right now. one of the worst olines in the nfl. i would start crow over freeman or hunt if those two had a tough matchup but i wouldnt start carson over them even on an easy matchup (i.e 49ers) but if crow sucks against the colts then I will be getting ride of him too


Any WR you have you could DROP?

I like all your RB… But crowell Def needs to be owned. He has a nice stretch coming up


I have Nelson, OBJ, D. Thomas, Fitzgerald, Theilen & Garcon…


yeah, drop carson. your team is set. carson does not offer the same crazy upside


Prob Leaning Towards Garcon…

But its not easy.

Becuase as much as crowell needs to be owned i don’t know how much you will play him if Cohen and Carson both pop or actually if even 1 pops.

if your holding onto 2 Qb’s or 2 TE’s id prob look there.

But if not id consider maybe Trying to trade Garcon and Carson or Garson and Cohen for a decent WR. Maybe target AJ green as he has been lack luster. or another WR2/3 you like… for a 2-1 and then pick crowell up.

If not don’t fret as you still have a very solid team and sometimes you have to let good players go buy and hope for a player on your bench to pop


Thanks, I only have 1 TE (Doyle) and I’m streaming QBs with Luck in my IR spot. I was leaning towards Carson simply because as someone else even mentioned the backfield situation is a mess there. I also can’t drop Garçon because I’m going to need him for week 8 (I have 3 receivers with bye)