Pick up D. Waller?

I have 2 QBs right now…Rodgers and Trubisky…is it worth dropping trubisky for Waller? My TE is Njoku fyi

Similar situation… I have Njoku (bad match up week 1) and the only droppable player would be Drew Brees (backing up Mayfield). It really depends on the number of teams and number of available QBs. I am still considering it but leaning against it. If you the Qbs on waivers I could offer better advice.


Wow, your QB waiver list is deep and talented. Yea, I’d drop your backup QB since there are a number of startable QBs you could pick up for byes or in case of injury.

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yup drop QB id even stream brady next 4 weeks

Ya this is my team right now.