Pick up Diggs off of Waivers?

Would you drop any of these Bench players to pick up Diggs?

Current lineup:
QB: Wentz
RB1: Kamara
RB2: A. Jones
WR1: M. Evans
WR2: Godwin
TE: Waller
Kicker: Fairbairn
D: Dallas
Bench: Mixon, TY Hilton, M. Williams, Winston, Breida, Hockenson, Tate

At this point probably not… the only person I would see even come close is Hockenson. But I think better days are ahead for him whereas Minnesota is content w/throwing running the ball.

Over Winston I would take him. No need to roster 2 QB’s unless its a really deep league

If you enjoy being disappointed, sure.

Maybe he’ll get traded to New England. :grin: