Pick up DJ?

Somebody in my league dropped David Johnson. I know the initial thought is 8-12 weeks he’ll be out. Should I try to pick him up and just hold onto him basically all season? Or would it not be worth it?

in twelve weeks it’ll be close to playoffs. If you’ve got some rb strength and can spare the bench spot (even if you can’t), adding DJ at playoff time might win you your league!

EDIT: I mean adding him back to your active lineup, not wait 12 weeks to add DJ. Add him now, don’t even finish reading this comment, pick him up. Sorry for the confusion.

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lol wait what? No you go get him RIGHT now. Even if he is out 12 weeks, if you make the playoffs… you’re set. And if he returns earlier thats perfect. Go get him

Get him right now!

Without a doubt! DJ free and you don’t have to give up anything! Hope you have a high waiver claim, can’t imagine you’ll be the only one going after him.

I don’t wanna be the wet blanket in this thread, but there’s a decent chance DJ doesn’t return this season. The Cardinals probably won’t be that good without him, they need his versatility for their offense to function. If the Cardinals aren’t in the playoff hunt, they might just shut him down for the rest of the season, even if he’s fully healthy after the surgery. Just something to think about before you burn a roster spot for over half of the season.


I think I agree here with @Dahmus

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That’s exactly my mindset. Like I agree with everyone else that he would be great for a playoff push but I don’t necessarily want to burn a roster spot if he may not even come back.

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Couldn’t of said it better @milehigh1995

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