Pick up DJax? Who to drop?

.5 ppr 1qb, rb2, 2wr, 1te, 1flex someone just dropped desean jackson. Im top 3 priority this week. Should i go for him?
My team:
L. Jackson, J. Allen
Cook, carson, lindsay, singletary, burkhead, justin jackson, mostert
Hopkins, E. Sanders, john brown
Darren Waller

The one im I’m considering dropping is justin Jackson… should i?

Bump for tips

You don’t need 2QBs in a 1QB league. That being said, both Allen and Lamar are balling out. I’d look to trade Allen to a QB needy team (maybe the Cam or Baker owner) and pair him with a Burkhead or Jackson to try and upgrade RB or WR.
If you can’t get a deal done, I’d be comfortable dropping Jackson. I need to stress though, you don’t need 2QBs. Look to trade 1 of them, ideally in a package

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i dont like rostering 2qbs as well… i avoid it usually, but almost everyone in this league rosters 2qbs, so the options in case of a lamar injury would be pretty bad(and every play he runs, i get scared lol).
Anyway, i really like your tip. If i can get a good deal for josh allen, i will do it. Any names you have in mind that could be an upgrade to my team?

I’d target:
WR- Woods, Kenny G, DJax (injury discount), Kirk

  • In order of hardest to easiest to get

RB- Mixon, Kerryon, Michel, Conner, Montgomery

  • In order of hardest to easiest to get
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Thanks man, kerryons team is weak at qb, offered him burkhead and allen. Doing the same for conner and montgomery. Mixon’s team has russell wilson, i wont even try lol

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