Pick up E Sanders or R Anderson?

Last minute post, waivers run in 5 hours, but with the Michael Thomas injury is Emanuel Sanders a priority pick up even over Robby Anderson?

If Michael Thomas spends any time out for injuries this year (not just this week) Sanders has the potential for nice performances, even with Sanders on the field Sanders saw some TD targets, I have him and I’m holding onto him for now to see if he proves to be a good flex play. For the time being I feel like Robby Anderson is one of those players that could have had a big week 1 by virtue of it being week 1 (with no preseason). It’s enticing, but if it were me I feel like I would be chasing the week 1 points. Tough call, but I think Sanders is the safe bet for having some sustainable value and Anderson is the high risk high reward player. If I have a strong receiving core, why not roll the dice on Anderson. If I’m weaker at receiving I might opt for the more predictable player at this point in Sanders.