Pick up Fleener or Clay. Drop Hogan and get Buck Allen

I am struggling to decide which TE I want to take here Fleener or Clay? I just need to forget about Hunter Henry. I also don’t know if I should snag Buck Allen and stock up on RBs or stick with Chris Hogan. Any advice?

I am in the same position and I am going with Clay. He had more targets and their WRs are really weak. Clay will continue to see plenty of opportunity. The guys on the show talked about how Fleener might see an uptick with Snead suspended the first 3 games too. IMO Clay is the safer option.

Depending on your overall WR position, I would go for Buck Allen. With Woodhead out 4-6 weeks, he’ll get plenty of work in. Plus he had 21 carries last week with no receptions. Those reception numbers are only going to increase. ESPN had the stat that Flacco has had 152 targets to RBs since the start of last season = leads NFL.