Pick Up From Waiver’s

I currently have Ballage. Would you drop him for any of the following? I’m not short on WR/RB, so would simply be for ROS value.

Damien Harris
Pittman Jr.
Jakobi Meyers

For RoS purposes, Pittman is who I personally lean. P River is starting to trust him more each game and he seems to be the best WR so far on IND.

Meyers is next as he seems to be Cam’s favorite target and about the only worthwhile WR on NE right now. I put him slightly lower than Pittman because NE passing game is not strong this year.

Harris is closely next to Meyers. He is a good RB who gets lots of yards, but is not involved in the passing game and loses red zone work to Burkhead. Also, we dont know how it will work when Michel comes back.

Ahmed is last for me due to MIA backfield being a question mark when Gaskins comes back.