Pick up Golden Tate?

Good morning everyone,
a little question to you:
Tate is availible in my FullPPR league.
Is he worth it to get him now despite of his extension?
My Team:
Barkley / Mixon / K. Johnson / Hyde / Murray
Juju / Woods / Cooks / A. Jeffery / AJ Green / Samuel
Waller / OJ Howard
no Kicker at the moment!
D streaming (for week 3)
Thank you very much

Hmmm well if you have no kicker that means you are going to have to drop another player if you were to pick up Tate. Tough decision. If I didn’t have to drop a player for the kicker I would probably drop Murray for him. Your wr depth isn’t bad. AJ Green needs to come back asap and you will be good, possibly wont be room to start Tate once some of your guys are healthy

Oh sorry missed to answer.
Thank you very much.
Got Tate now.