Pick up Hines or Penny on waiver

Please help me out Foot Clan.
So I have week 15 Bye, have Jonathan Taylor and top waiver priority.
Should I use it to secure Nyheim Hines as a handcuff or grab Rashaad Penny, so no other playoff teams can have a new weapon? My RBs are Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris, Elijah Mitchell, Miles Sanders and Jeff Wilson. (Would probably be dropping Jeff Wilson to pick up either Hines or Penny)

I generally like the idea of handcuffs as we enter playoffs as it just gives the feeling of security that if something happens you won’t be facing the backfield you built your success on in the rounds ahead.

But I’m taking Penny here. You want the backups to cover an unfortunate event but you hope to never need them, Penny might be someone you can use immediately if something was to happen to one of your starters or if the matchup is right and assuming he holds a significant role week 16 and 17 both home to Bears and Lions are exciting matchups.

Overall I think Penny is the pick by a distance.


Thanks! Going with Penny. With luck maybe no one will grab Hines off waivers and I can get him for free.

To be honest I don’t think people will be pushing hard for Hines. I think for people without Taylor, he’d be behind guys like Samaje Perine, Ronald Jones or Khalil Herbert as upside handcuff stashes to gamble on paying off.

I think people missing Penny might chase Justin Jackson in case Ekeler misses (personally I don’t feel comfortable starting him on Thursday even if Ekeler is out) and others might grab multiple DST to set themselves up for the stretch so I don’t think Hines will get taken unless something happens to him during the week.