Pick up Hunt?

Someone dropped Kareem Hunt.

Full PPR. Drop anyone below to pick up or stay put?



Edwards Helaire
Javonte Williams

Corey Davis

You don’t really need him but still you could. Others seem to be a lot higher on Fuller than me, but I’d consider dropping him even though it would leave you a bit short at WR

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This would be my plan to add;
1 - Trade an RB and Hurts to get a better RB.
2 - Trade two RB’s to get a better RB
3 - Trade an RB and a WR to get a better WR
then add Hunt

If none of those work, I’m dropping Hurts to pick up Hunt. I never carry two QB’s in a 1 QB league.

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Fuller is in my Reserve spot so I would still need to drop someone but maybe Hurts then and keep Fuller. Tyler Boyd is on the wire as well.

Is this an 8 team league? Neither Hunt nor Boyd should ever be on the wire…

10 team PPR

Drop Hurts and Fuller to pick up Hunt and Boyd.

Hunt was the RB10 in PPR scoring last season (Chubb was the RB11), and in Weeks 1-11, with a healthy Joe Burrow at QB, Boyd was the WR14 on a points-per-game basis.

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I think Fuller being in my IR/ Res spot if I drop him I would still have to drop someone else (would drop Hurts) to pick up both Hunt and Boyd.

Then drop Williams. You don’t need that many RBs and you’d never start him anyway–you’d just be upgrading him to Hunt and dropping Hurts for Boyd.

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Better drop Sermon or Williams

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I think this is a really solid tip!

The only thing I’d say about the qb situation is if bench is deep enough you should keep 2qbs. Hurts won my league last year in the playoffs and it was only because I stashed him all year.

Would you rather keep Javonte Williams over Sermon if dropping one of them.

Doesn’t matter, you won’t start either one of them this season anyway.

I guess Sermon, just because Mostert seems to be made of glass.

For Boyd. Guessing drop Corey Davis ?

Javonte. Mostert hasn’t lost his step probably until next year. Sermon and Javonte are both going to be productive, but back half of the year Id bank more on Melvin being less productive and Javonte being the David Montgomery factor of last year.

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Thoughts on Boyd.

Drop Davis maybe or Hurts. Thanks

Cory Davis will be a solid flex / fill in as he has WR2 potential. I like to find non sexy picks like Marvin Jones as a safety net to get 10points every time.

I think it’s too full in Cincy.


Missed by 1 waiver spot to get Hunt.

Any suggestions on roster moves or hang tight and see how it goes. Thanks

I don’t think you need to do anything urgently no. If someone else should be dropped maybe but right now you’re not needing to make moves necessarily

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I asked on a separate thread but the Rams got dropped.

I have the number 2 waiver spot and have the 49 ERS who have Bye 6

Rams are Bye 11

Would you consider using to pick up the Rams D and drop SF or hold on to the waiver spot for an Injury etc. Thanks for the help.