Pick up J. Kelley on waviers?

J. Kelley is actually on waviers right now. I am thinking of picking him up, now that Ekeler is probably out for a while.

12 team Standard

My Team currently:
QB: Prescott
RB: Carson
WR: T. Hill
WR: Boyd
WR: Crowder
TE: Gesicki
Flex: Gaskin


I am thinking possibly dropping either Gaskin or Slayton.

I am slightly leaning Gaskin due to him be severely vultured by Howard, even though Gaskin sees a lot of volume.

Slayton has a good matchup against against DAL and what they call a defense, but I do not trust D. Jones or NYG offense right now. Thoughts from the Footclan?

100% Slayton, i’m still riding the Gaskin train due to his volume. He may not win you a week, but the volume gives him a very safe floor that you can’t say about a lot of RBs

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I agree.

However, NYG plays DAL next week. Their non-existent defense seems like a prime match up for NYG. DAL defense is making everyone look good.

True, and the Jets aren’t using Darnold this week so Crowder takes a major hit, would likely start Slayton over him.

Unfortunately i still stand by my statement that i would keep Gaskin as he’s sure to be scooped up, usable RBs are hard to come by. But you have to do what you have to do to field a team

I ended up keeping Gaskin and dropped Slayton. I like Crowder’s floor better than Slayton and Flacco is a decent back up.

Crowder will be a good WR3 for me.

The Stone Age Pony is not a good backup. He’s washed. Severe downgrade for all Jets, IMO.

I much prefer Slayton over Gaskin. Especially in a league where you need to start three WR.