Pick-up John Ross?

Someone dropped John Ross. Should I drop Mike Williams to pick him up. I’m worried that the signing of Gates directly affects Williams TD production with him being the 3rd option

I’m debating picking him up as well although I’d be looking at dropping Allison or Stills. I can just see him catching a highlight reel 60+ yard TD vs the Colts who knows maybe 2 of them this Colts D is bad and could be a week winner.

I don’t know that i’d keep him and save for good matchups after that or use all my salesman tactics and sell him high. I did the same think with Fuller last year, got Engram and Julio for him the week before Watson went down. Every league has that one guy that will bite on the hype and he could be great trade bait, even if you use him in a package to get a upgrade somewhere he could have value. I agree with Williams season long though, but that being said i can see him having a good outing vs KC as well just maybe not as exciting as the long TD potential that Ross offers

i would definitely keep Stills over him, and I like Allison more than him because Aaron Rodgers is his QB and he could potentially be the #2 with the Cobb trade talks and injury situation

Both are basically lottery tickets right now, I could see Ross having Tyreek boom-bust potential. Williams is a big body freak athlete & we really don’t know how many targets he’ll see. Still, I would probably lean towards keeping Williams just because I like Rivers over Dalton & the Chargers offense over the Bengals as a whole.

Yes I’m leaning that way it was just the boom appeal that had me intrigued. I think airing with Williams could be the safer move just because both lottery tickets but as mentioned above Williams could be more useful in more matchups being on a better team, offers more redzone threat and teams cant key in on him because of Allen, T.Williams, Gordon etc, could be slightly more consistent if he gets a good number of targets early and earns a decent role for in the attack. Ross is more boom bust which will be hard to predict and could cost you a week if you get it wrong in a close game

I just flipped McCaffrey Mike Williams and Watkins for Bell. Looks like I’ll be able to grab Ross. I have Connor. So Steelers backfield locked down

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