Pick up Keelan Cole and Clement? Drop who?

8 team half PPR so there’s plenty of depth on waivers.

Do I pick up Keelan Cole or Clement? Or both?

Drop candidates:

  • Jamaal Williams
  • Aaron Jones (breakup GB backfield)
  • Kerryon
  • Sony
  • Corey Davis

No I hold tight

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I would probably drop jamaal williams for keelan cole honestly. We have seen what jamaal williams can do with a grip on the backfield and I don’t think you’d ever want to play that in your flex. Keelan Cole will have many usable weeks with some WR1 weeks. I would drop Williams keep Aaron Jones as your GB lotto ticket and see where that backfield goes. Aaron Jones is clearly the more talented back.

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@samann @josh_cartmell that’s my thinking too. It’s either stay put or drop Jamaal. I hate to break up that backfield though. How much would you guys bid on Cole? I don’t need him so not much?

I’m fine with dropping williams. Def not dropping Aaron Jones.

Def not picking up clement either. He’s just a handcuff and you don’t roster handcuffs in 8 man leagues.

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I would drop Aaron Jones and pick up Cole.

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