Pick up Malcolm Brown w/ Strong Waiver Position?

I’m not the Todd Gurley owner, 4-1, 3rd Waiver position (but the 2 in front of me are clueless so I may as well be 1st). Is it worth using my high waiver on Malcom Brown if I may not use him this week? As a non-Gurley owner, is the value still there? I’d start Kamara (although he IS questionable) and Derrick Henry, Will Fuller in the flex.

Definitely but always depends on who you are dropping

True! I’d drop Bonnafon. Also not a MCaffrey owner. :joy:

Lol yes do that. Brown is the more valuable handcuff long-term anyway because he’s on the better offense. Plus he plays this week

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That’s what I’m thinking…it just pains me to use the high waiver priority. But I think it’s worth it. I feel like Todd is going to have more problems this season.

Exactly. I can’t think of a situation that would be more valuable at this point. Tony Pollard I guess? But besides that, Brown is the handcuff to own. Especially if you can start him right now

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Thank you! And good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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I have priority 2. I am the Carson owner but thinking of dropping Penny as he is the only one I can drop.

I have Carson and Chubb and put White in lol last night so cannot play Brown but who knows how long Gurley might be out.

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Sounds like a good idea. :+1: Hope it works out for us both!