Pick up Martavis Bryant?

Some one in my league dropped Martavis Bryant (rightful so). Do you guys think that Bryant will get it together after bye and is he worth picking up ?

Who are you dropping to get him?

I would either drop Jamaal Charles or Josh Doctson.

I’d say heck no to Doctson. The guy is so close to breaking out with Washington IMO and Cousins is so accurate and efficient. I look for Doctson to do nothing but grow through this season. Look how close he was to a long TD yesterday, and similar plays have happened with him this year. Guy is a time bomb and I’m holding on to him and probably playing him most weeks. Upside and offensive system are both there.

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Drop Charles if anyone he’s one of a three headed monster in a back field with CJ getting most of the work. But honestly I wouldn’t touch Bryant unless I see something convincing me otherwise

I was curious about the same thing except my league is a dynasty and Im assuming Bryant wont stay in Pittsburgh. Would drop John Brown to get him.

Thanks guys ! I just feel like he’s too talented to just leave on the waiver wire. Also, if Pittsburgh weren’t planning to involve him in their offense they would have just traded him away, before the deadline. I guess I’m just going to take a flyer and see what happens.