Pick up Martin or Richard from Waiver?

Doug Martin or Jalen Richard?

Richard over Martin,
but only if you have a free IR for lynch. i wouldn’t drop anybody of value for either of those 2
whoever you have on your team regardless is probably going to out perform both.

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Had Giovanni on bench. Dropped him

yeah that makes sense. he is a pure handcuff who is injured, so droppable. same for both these guys, but basically they are a committee handcuff. not a situation to get yourself into unless you are the lynch owner or have a burner spot to take a short term bet.

No. I’m not a Lynch owner. I had Giovanni as a handcuff coz I have Mixon. Just picked up chubb from waiver too. So debating whether Martin or Richard? Lol

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Don’t even waste your time or money. Doug martin walks into the lynch role which was garbage to begin with and easily gets phased out of the game. And he isn’t even half the runner lynch is.

If I had to pick, if its a half ppr or full ppr, take richard.

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Thanks! Yes. It’s .5 PPR. Picked up Chubb and Richard from the waiver wire

Had the news broke about Chubb at that point, or are you just the luckies SOB on the planet?

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Haha… no as soon as the news broke out, I picked them up. Pounced on them right away… thank you Bleacher Report!!