Pick Up Mattison?

A. Mattison dropped in a league this week. Thinking of picking him up for depth. Drop candidates are R. Freeman or S. Michel? Should I pick him up and is so, which drop? Thanks for suggestions.

Prefer Mattison over Royce Freeman ROS, on bench.

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I like Mattison as a potential league winning stash, but keep in mind he’s not really depth as you wouldn’t start him without injury to cook. Freeman would be more of a depth piece with low upside. If your depth is good at RB, meaning you have Michel and another RB that could started in case of injury, then by all means drop freeman for the potential upside of mattison.

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Approaching and during playoffs, I put less emphasis on depth. Typically you play you starters.

Mattison would become a play /must play if there was an injury to Dalvin Cook. If Phillip Lindsay was to miss time I would still not want to start Royce Freeman.