Pick up McFadden/Who to drop?

I grabbed Alfred Morris a few weeks ago and McFadden just got dropped. Should I pick him up at the cost of Marlon Mack or Devante Parker, and which one should I drop?

It’s difficult to say. The coaching staff has talked more and more about getting Marlon Mack more touches while Devante Parker is established as a WR2 but won’t play in week 9. It pretty much depends on who you have more faith in. Do you believe in Marlon Mack’s potential to overtake Gore and get those big points he did in the opening weeks, or do you have faith in the offense of the Miami Dolphins?

I’d drop Marlon Mack, myself.

I love the upside of marlon mack. he got more touches and i understand that might be due to scheme but its a good sign nonetheless. the only reason i would say parker is because miami looked so bad last night. i didnt think an offense could look worse than my denver broncos this year but apparently it was possible.