Pick up O.J. Howard?

I’m in a 14 team league where most teams have two TEs rostered. I have Trey Burton and an open roster spot on the bench.

Howard was just dropped. The next best option is Jeff Heuerman :joy:

Should I pick up Howard and how much FAAB should I spend on him?

Pick up Howard. I’d rather have Howard than Burton ROS anyways.

Depends on how competitive your league is. I paid for him like 2-3 weeks ago. Spent like 14% in one to secure cause lots of people needed a TE, and got him for like 7% in another.

Yeah, feeling OJ ROS is the better get. Chance he plays but depends on your league how aggressive they are. I’d get him and do something with Burton when OJ is back to full strength. Most need TEs. Given his upside 10% is solid, but you know better than the rest of us, how your league uses their FAAB