Pick up OJ Howard?

He was just dropped. Do I waste my waiver position for him? (8/10). Its really hard for me to climb up the waiver order. I would have to drop one of the following for him:

Bears D
or Taylor Gabriel

Who should I pick?

Also my starting tight end right now is Jordan Reed in a full PPR league.

bumping this

give us your whole roster

I would not roster 2 TE’s or 2 defenses if that’s what you’re considering. I wouldn’t drop Reed for Howard

QB: Winston
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Kerryon
WR: Deandre Hopkins
WR: Tyreek Hill
Flex: Robert Woods
defense: Chargers
Kicker: Bailey

Bench is: Drew Brees, Fournette, Bears D, Smallwood, Taylor Gabriel, Jordan Howard, Allen Robinson

I don’t normally roster 2 defenses or two Qb. I’m 6-0 going against a 5-1 opponent who admittedly might have a better team than me. So i needed to start Chargers over bears and winston over brees.

TE’s like howRd could be worth it. I’d prob drop Smallwood. Eagles are gonna sign someone else I can feel it. And they just kind of hate Smallwood secretly. He never gets to play even when he’s like the only guy and does well…

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I agree with dropping Smallwood, Howard could and should be a TE1 rest of season and has massive upside each week that most TEs simply don’t offer.

I’d rather not have two TEs though so if you can shop Reed in his name and maybe package trade for an upgrade on Howard for RB depth I would. Also if by some miracle Howard and Reed have big games this week - shop them for an RB ASAP. I’d even target David Johnson who could just be an RB2 no worse than Howard but if he turns it around a little and Is a low end RB1/high end RB2 ROS you could have the steal of the season

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thanks everyone.