Pick up Olsen this week?

Should I drop Burton or Chubb? I just had Chubb stashed but am currently streaming TEs with Burton on my bench and McDonald starting this week.

I think in general that Olsen is worth a pick up. But Burton/McDonald is a fine pairing to go with, and Olsen has a good number of question marks. I would role with what you have and see how Chubb is used this weekend.

So stay with what I have?

Yes, that is what I would do! If Chubb’s involvement doesn’t go up, and Olsen somehow is still on the wire after this week, then you could target him.

I’d prefer Burton and McD to Olson rest of season. Plus Burton’s bye out of the way this week. See no point in even worrying about Olson. His only value to your team would be a trade chip, and since he’s not really going to upgrade TE, let’s be honest you’d be hoping for him doing what the TE’s you already have are doing, just hold on to Chubb. As Cleveland starts to fall out of playoff contention, Chubb will start to see more looks,

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