Pick Up Perine?

Okay so here’s the deal. Do I pick up Perine and drop David Johnson? I’m in an IR league, but I picked up Woodehad last week and he’s taking that spot now. I’m definitely not a lock to make the playoffs so I’m needing to win now. Current RBs are Hunt, K Drake, Duke Johnson Jr., Morris, + Woodhead (full PPR).

Any advice on who you would drop if anyone for Perine - obviously I’ve been trying to find that replacement for David Johnson - which hasn’t worked

I picked up Perine in a standard and a half PPR but I dropped Rudolph (got Ertz) and Aaron Jones so my decision was much easier than yours.

My feeling on Perine is that he’s gonna be a plug and pray RB where you’re going to play him only if you don’t have any other options. Hopefully he gets volume but I’m expecting Chris Thompson to get the lions share which makes me think Thompson’s going to get hurt sooner or later so Perine is more of a handcuff.

Might not be a popular opinion but I would drop Woodhead. I don’t believe in the heart ring anymore, I think he’s going to get injured quickly.

I’m also getting the feeling like Alf is going to disappoint as well if the Dallas O-line continues to struggle and the Defense keeps giving up a lot of points but I would hold him.

Drake seems to be in a situation like Derrick Henry where it looks like he’s the better back but for some reason he’s not the lead back.