Pick up Reed? Rule 86?

Reed was dropped Sunday morning. Should I put a bid in? Currently have Witten and Clay so his upside would obviously be an upgrade…
Who would you drop if picking him up?

If he plays he is a potential top 5 TE every week. Clay’s value was solid before injury, but if Tyrod doesn’t start I want nothing to do with him. I actually like Clay otherwise. With Witten I feel like his value has shrunk as the Cowboys have dealt with Injuries. Dak has been awful with Tyron Smith out and if that continues I wouldn’t want Witten. Plus, the offense has looked worse since the Zeke suspension. That being said, the decision is very dependent on these moving parts to me. I would play Reed over both if he is active, but that is always a question mark. I like Clay with Tyrod a QB

I’m reluctantly holding Reed…I have him Ertz and Vernon Davis. Davis has been playing so well and with the injuries to Washington pass catchers I doubt Davis goes away regardless. I don’t think Reeds upside is what it was in the past but he definitely has the talent (if every healthy)

He’s on waivers in all 4 of the leagues that I play in, two of which are competitive. Is it worth it to drop starting TE’s to pick up Reed and play him maybe once? No. Leave him on waivers and let him be someone else’s problem.

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This late in the season I wouldn’t because even if he’s “heathy” are you really confident in starting him? But if you really want to I would base it off the QB situation in Buffalo. If the keep Peterman then cut Clay. If they go back to Tyrod then cut Witten. Plus if Washington falls out of the playoffs I could see them shutting him down because of all the injuries he’s had this year and Davis is just playing too well.