Pick up Snead/drop Moncrief?

Snead will be back from suspension next week and I feel more upside for him than moncrief. Plus, I have Michael Thomas so it might not be a bad wr handcuff. Would any of you drop moncrief and pick up snead?

At this point, I think I would do that. The early bye won’t help initially, but not knowing when Luck will be back is worse. Besides, it’s hard to know how long it will take Luck to get back to form. I like Snead much more than Moncrief right now.

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I thought on it a while and just did it. Your’re right about Luck. Even when he starts practicing hes at least 2 weeks away from actually playing so hes still got a while to go.

I would do it. Moncrief has no value until Luck is back.

there is no one else you can drop? moncrief is $$$ when luck returns. I had Snead last year - he is a decent flex play each week but Moncrief is a solid WR2 when Luck returns.

My bench is Djax, forte, marvin jones, witten and D’onta foreman. I have to carry witten this week due to reed being a game time decision, and I’m reluctant to drop forte or even foreman because my rb depth is weak.