Pick up Sony off waivers?

Sony was just dropped yesterday on waivers. Do I drop any of these for him? It’s a 10 team standard. Thanks!!

Carlos Hyde
Dion Lewis
Peyton Barber

Forgot to mention that I currently have Delanie Walker as my starting TE with Evan Engram on the bench, could drop one of these guys for him as well. Not sure I need to roster 2 TE’s

it depends what your entire roster looks like, how many RBs you can play, and who’s ahead of the 3 you listed. If Hyde, Lewis, and Barber are the backups behind 2 studs, then the chance you’re playing him even if he becomes relevant is low anyway. It’s also rough cuz you have 2 of the better TE’s but in general it rarely makes sense to keep 2, so if you’re cutting anyone, i’d probably say cut engram, but to be honest i’d probably pass on Sony. No one knows what’s happening in NE for RB, the only person i bought into was white because i forgot to snag at least 4 rbs and he was all that was out there at the time. I’ve since snagged breida as well and white will probably get cut from my team 3 weeks in