Pick up & start Winston this week?

I currently am starting Carson Wentz while Drew Brees is on his bye. But I just noticed that Winston is a FA… Do I stick with Wentz and the no-run game, even though it’s a Thursday night game, or should I try and take advantage of a favorable matchup with the Falcons and grab Winston and hope for a shootout?

I’m also wondering whether Winston is worth the start. I have the Cousins vs Winston dilemma though whom I could stack with Mike Evans.
I personally see Winston being a good play this week though as he throws a lot and has a lot of weapons at his disposal that the Falcons can’t necessarily keep up with.

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That’s where I’m leaning, but I don’t wanna 2nd guess myself either :grimacing:

I’d say go for Winston, he could go off for a while with that WR crops and terrible defense, not to mention this weeks matchup.

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I’m really tempted to. And I still might. I just hate Thursday Night games for fantasy purposes. Right now I’m projected to win, and Wentz I think is the safer play. But I’m also 1-4 and need a win. Decisions!