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Pick up Willie Snead or Will Fuller?


Pick up Willie Snead or Will Fuller?


Snead, IMO. I think he has more value in the slot week-to-week than Fuller’s random big play upside.

The 'ballers said this on the podcast yesterday, whats the point in having Fuller when you’re really just waiting for the 2 random 50 yard bombs that he’ll get you over the course of the season? And do you really want to start him all season long just to try and get those few big plays? You’ll never be able to guess when he’ll do it, so those big plays may as well be useless to you. He’s not going to be the hottest pickup on the wire when he returns - I think he’s a guy you can wait on, keep an eye out, and if you see some sustainable volume coming to him, then he’ll get interesting.


@gdupree Very well put, very informative. Thank you!