Pick up Yeldon: Yes or No

I’ve got fournette as my RB1, do I need to drop one of the guys below to pick up Yeldon? Normally I would automatically do thi, but I feel like Yeldons play will not match fournettes and I will just be benching Yeldon anyways. What do you think? Full ppr, 2rb, 2 wr, 1 flex

RB: Fournette, McCaffery, J. Williams, Breida, Morris, R. freeman, K. Johnson, J. Allen (can’t trade Allen because he already played)

WR: M. Evans, J. Landry, M. Jones, (Thin here)

What do footclan?

Do you have 2 Qbs or TEs on your team. If not I’d probably drop either Brieda or Morris and pick up Yeldon. He should probably start for you if Fournette is out this week

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I’m also assuming the first WR is Michael Thomas

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Oops sorry, I meant mike evans

and I only have one tight end and one quarter back. so I would have to cut one of the rbs there. so I guess the bottom line would be does yeldon offer a better chance at 15-20 points than the other rbs mentioned?

Brieda and Morris are probably in the mid tier RB3 conversation, Yeldon while Fournette is out is probably a low to mid RB2. I’d take Yeldon. The real drop for me would be Buck Allen but obviously you can’t because he is locked in.

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this is only while Lenny is out tho, mean while shanihan rbs have a history of being end of year rb 2s, I may need that depth down the line rather than the next 2-3 weeks, especially cause I assume Jamaal Williams will be replaced and then ill have yeldon killing a bench spot and one less back. very realistic that in week 4 (assuming lenny healthy) my bench will me missing Jamaal Williams and one other player with yeldon taking up a spot as a handcuff. hrmm decisions to make.

That’s fair, Buck Allen would be the definite drop for the later week stuff. I might drop Brieda because he’s 190lbs. A 190lb back can’t handle a large workload consistently throughout the year.

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I think I prefer Yeldon because Fournette is injury prone. If you were the Bell owner and you didn’t have conner wouldn’t you be kicking yourself right now for not handcuffing? I don’t typically handcuff but Fournette is one of those guys where it’s probably smart to do it. Hamstring issues can linger throughout the season.

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Yea I would feel bad in that situation, but that would only be because that level of play is almost irreplaceable,because in that case conner is a drop in replacement where as I don’t think Yeldon is.

Its like the game last night where Mixon was out and Bernard was in, sure Bernard assumed the work but he just isn’t as good.

As for breida, maybe you are right here. Breida in a full ppr could hit rb2 numbers tho and I saw an interview he did where he made it clear that the 190# number was from his combine but that hes actually over 200 lbs now so idk. man this is tough lol. I feel like I have the bench to weather the storm and I feel like its gonna be a pain to decide if yeldon or fournette is the guy each week. smh im just gonna wait till fournette is declared healthy and trade him away

That’s definitely true, Conner is a much better 1 for 1 replacement and no1 on the waivers rn or on the Jags roster is an even replacement

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Any one else?

BTW if im giving someone up its probably Jamaal williams