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Pick who youd rather start your team with


12 team Full PPR 1-keeper league
I have first pick (first option) but i have also been considering two trades for picks and or a keeper.
Pick one

Picks as Is:
David Johnson (1.01)
Mike Evans (2.05 keeper)
Christian Mccaffrey (3.11)

Trade #1
AJ green or (Freeman) depends who gets picked right before (1.08)
Shady Mccoy (2.04 keeper)
Mike Evans (2.05 keeper)

Trade #2
Devonta Freeman (1.08)
Jordy Nelson (2.01)
Mike Evans (2.05 keeper)


Personally I like “Pick as is”. David Johnson is worth the 1.01, Mike Evans at 2.05 is solid. The only thing I’m not in love with is Christian Mccaffery at the 3.11 as he could be considered risky right now but I like that option the best out of the 2 trades.


Im having trouble deciding on a route for my pick at 3.11. Im with ya on the risk of mccaffrey.

My thought is this. If baldwin, or better, is available im taking them. If crowell or lynch are there (assuming those WR’s are gone) id take one of them. BUT thats not seeming to be likely…

So my options are this:
-Mccaffrey if he even falls to 3.11
-gillislee even tho its a reach(huge upside) bc he might be taken off before im up again
-pryor even tho its a reach bc im scared he wont fall to me at 4.12/5.01

I plan to draft back to back WR at 4.12 and 5.01. Thats why i want a RB at round 3 bc the next tier of backs i want arent being taken until the 6th/7th anyway.


I think pick as is will be your best option. DJ is such a force.
Maybe see if you can deal that CMC pick as he is a bit of a volatile value considering we have no idea how he will be used in the Panthers offense


Word, im most likely going to stay at 1.01 but it sounds appealing to match two of the following (AJ green, jordy nelson, freeman, gordon, shady) with mike evans


I would stay with your current team. DJ will be an easy keeper next year and is the single-best player in PPR dynasty!