Pick'd from the 4th, how'd i do

10team 1/2pt
QB: Mahomes
RBs: Zeke, Drake, Hunt, C.Thompson, D.Harris
WRs: Woods, Chark Jr, TY, Fuller V, Tate, P.Williams, Lazard
TE: Hurst
K: Butker

I’d say you did very good!

its also 2 rb, 3wr 1 flex

Looking at this from a 10team league perspective… This might just be my personal preference but I feel like you look thin at RB. I like to have 3 weekly starters with 1 flex type guy and at least 1-2 speculative guys… but again, that’s just my preference. Your top 2 RBs are great and your WRs are very good, so assuming Drake works out and you don’t suffer a major injury to Zeke, your team should be great.

With it being 3WR I see why you went so WR heavy in the middle rounds there and waited so long to take your RB3. In that case it makes more sense to me.