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Picked up DJ off waivers, now getting trade requests


I’m currently sitting at 2-0 in a 10-team standard league. Picked dj off waivers last week to hold onto for playoffs, getting trade interest now. I have solid starting backs (Gurley, Gordon, Hunt). Should I sell DJ, and if so, what sort of value should I look at getting back? I could also potentially package him with another player or two to get an elite rb or wr I guess. Thoughts?


Without looking at the playoff matchup schedules for your current RB’s, I’d say trade DJ for the highest offer you get. You got him for free, so anything that will help your team is a profit.


Looking ahead at playoffs, using current DEF stats, Gurley has a difficult playoff schedule. DJ just might come in handy. But like @theothergabriel30 said, if you can get real good value for him, I wouldn’t mind trading him.


My team as of now is:
QB: Roethlisberger
RB: Gurley, Hunt
WR: Jones, Crabtree
TE: Reed
FLEX: M Gordon
Streaming Defenses
K: Bailey

Bench: Sanders, Anderson, J Dax, Marshall, Stafford, Fleener, DJ

The only position I think I need an upgrade at could be TE. Should I just stand pat and let my guys keep putting up points?


play fleener


DJ could also be used sparingly when (if) he returns, especially if the Cards are well out of it as they probably will be…