Picked up Doug Baldwin from waivers. Who should I drop?

Doug Baldwin was dropped in my 12-Team PPR redraft league and I was able to grab him off waivers by dropping my kicker. Who should I drop to keep him on my bench before Sunday?

Sammy Watkins
Sterling Shepard
Matt Breida
Alfred Morris

I was the Bell and McKinnon owner, so I’d like keep Breida and Morris if it makes sense since I have more depth at WR.

How does this work that you can pick him up and then decide who to drop? what site are you using ?

And I would say Shepard if you insist on holding the RBs… I wouldnt typically drop him but Baldwin is worth it

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I dropped my kicker for him. Planning on picking up a kicker before Sunday and need to drop one of these players

Tough choice, I stand by Shepard but I think those are all pretty equal and worth having baldwin

If the Sunday night or monday kickers are available you could wait it out because shepard plays late and you could swap him for a kicker if you needed it. If you have a big lead or opponent has no sunday night or monday night i would do that.

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Alf for me by a lot

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Interesting. Might give it a try. Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks for the reply!