Pickem League

Welcome to the “8 for 8” pool. $100 for the entire season (weeks 1-18 of the regular season). The league will be run on RunYourPool.com (they do have an app). You pick any 8 games out of the weekly games. Anyone who hits all 8 wins the weekly pot (a push is a loss). If no one wins the pot carries over to the next week (which happens frequently). We are talking big money and excitement folks! Lines will be set off of William Hill Sportsbook but is at the discretion of the pool manager. If there is a major line shift due to an injury, etc. it will be changed and an email will be sent out (we don’t want any gimmes). There will also be top 3 prize money for the season overall total winners. The prize money break down will be calculated once we determine how many are in the pool and the cost of the pool (it’s determined on the website by how many join). This is not a for profit league. The pool manager will not make any money from this pool. After the league fee is paid everything goes back to the winners. Send an invite to anyone who you think might want to play. I want to get this thing as big as possible and get some huge pots $$$$. All payments are due by the beginning of the first week. Let’s get this thing rolling and have some fun! Email me if your interested: sbakely@gmail.com. The link to join is below.