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Picking at the number 5 spot of 12 team standard


So I am a pick a running back first kinda guy. This year I’m sitting at 5 in the draft order which is surrounded by outstanding wide receivers like Julio and OBJ. Unless Bell, Johnson, or Zeke somehow drop to 5, would it be ridiculous for me to skip out on the top WRs to pick up McCoy who’s supposed to be going at 9?


I think that picking up McCoy in that scenario wouldn’t be a stretch. If you did that probably a receiver like TY, Michael Thomas, Dez, or Baldwin should be there if you are okay with them being your WR1.

Personally I would rather have McCoy and one of those WRs then picking up Julio or OBJ and having Demarco or Gurley as my top RB.

Also, the good thing about getting a top 5 RB, you can start loading up on WRs for a few rounds.